Why Be Prepared? Our Story!

Why Be Prepared, Not Scared?  This is our families story.  Just before the super bug took over the world my kids were diagnosed with CVID.  Common Variable Immune Deficiency.  Basically they can't make IgG antibodies to fight of infections.  Like superbugs.  Fun times.   We quickly got a team of medical providers to help us navigate this new diagnosis especially in light of the worldwide pandemic.  The consensus was.... drum roll please... keep these kids in a bubble.  Yep.  We just did not know enough about this bug and we were concerned that the kids were the .0000001% of kids that could get really sick! 

Truth time!!!  I was SCARED.  Like really scared.  I felt helpless and out of control and did not know how to protect me sweet precious kids.  So… we went into a bubble.  Since we live full time RV and could just go hide in the National Forest, it was actually great for us.  It was a time of family, and rest, and rejuvenation, without all the business of modern life. 

But then months went by and it was time to connect with family and community again.  It was so hard.  We had to ask awkward questions like do you have ANY cold symptoms, have you been around anyone with a cold, could you possibly get a cold in the near future, does your dog have a cold (kidding, but that is how it felt).  We are so fortunate to have a lot of very supportive friends and family.  But it was SO HARD yall.  I felt like the black sheep of the family for sure.  This was January - July of 2021. 

In July of 2021 we were DONE. We are ready to come out of hiding. But how, I was still scared.  And then a friend reminded me of something. 

Back when my kids were first diagnosed with CVID the doctors all asked me over and over. How many times have they had antibiotics. Never!
How many times have they been hospitalized for respiratory or sinus illness.  Never!
How many times a year do they get sinus infections or bronchitis.  Again NEVER! 

I'm not kidding, one doctor even challenged me and told me it was important to answer truthfully and completely.  I guess he thought I was lying.  You see, these kids, CVID kids, are usually in and out of hospitals their whole young life.  They get sick all the time. 

My kids.  NEVER get sick.  Literally never more than a mild cold and we are over it in a few days.  

Why?  Well, I finally saw a functional medicine provider that said “I have never seen kids this sick on paper look this good in person, whatever you are doing, keep doing it” 

Here is what we do!  We live a Wellness Lifestyle where I am constantly learning and growing and improving our families health choices. We do not eat sugar.  Or gluten.  Or dairy.  Don’t hate me, remember this is My Story :).  We eat superfoods and we use natural remedies. We get lots of time outside in the sun.  We pray together and worship together.  We dance and we laugh.  My kids eats veggies, a ton of them.  This is how I have kept CVID kids out of the hospital their entire lives.  This is how we were prepared for the super bug, and we won. 

For the next few blogs I will be highlighting more of our story and the choices we make on a daily basis to be sure that my family has a strong immune system that is ready to fight when called upon.  These lifestyle choices may very well have saved my kids lives! 

In July of 2021 we went to a worship conference in Laramie, Wyoming.  We all got the superbug.  It was NOT a simple cold for me.  It was a battle.  But it was a battle I WON!  I will share more of my story of recovery in a later blog.  For today, this is about my kids.  They were just fine.  They had mild fever, cough, and fatigue.  My youngest had some body aches. We snuggled and watched movies for a few days.  Took a ton of supplements, ate super foods, used natural remedies and followed FLCCC protocols.  And they were just fine.  In fact they were outside playing in 5 days.  Whew!  The next week we went to the park for the first time in 6 months.  With friends!!!!!!  Yall, that was the best park date EVER! For a mom that lived SCARED for 6 months every day this Was a massive victory. 

So today friends… I want to be that for you!  I want to be that person that will link arms with you and that will walk you through this season. Are you ready to make some changes in your family's lifestyle.  Are you ready to step up your game in this fight.  Are you ready to ditch the sugar and other toxins and give your body what it needs to be strong and resilient?  Lets talk!  Stay tuned for this blog series on Be Prepared, Not Scared! 

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