Essential Oil Highlight: Lemon for Detox

Today I want to highlight a very special oil that is considered a staple in our RV -- LEMON! 🍋 

This little bottle of oil does so many things. And today it gives me peace of mind that everything in our RV is clean and free from molds! 

My kids have biotoxin Illness. Their little bodies don’t get rid of the chemicals or mold or toxins they are exposed to very well. So they build up and cause mood issues, immune deficiency, rashes, pain and more.

doTERRA brand oils and wellness products have been the #1 tool for this mama to keep my kids as healthy as possible. We have NO toxic chemicals in our home. Not the kitchen, not the bathrooms, bedrooms. Nada. I use doTERRA products in every room of my house and could not be more thankful to finally find a brand I trust!

Today this little bottle of Lemon came to the rescue when she wanted to help us get the paint off the floor of our RV. Yes honey you can. Y’all lemon gets anything off anything!!! I mean anything. Gum out of hair. Sharpe marker off the wall. And yes paint overspray off the floors.

No toxin chemicals needed. Bottle of doTERRA lemon and scotch pad. Done! ✅

And best of all... I got to say “yes honey you can help us!!!”

PS I also add Lemon or other citrus oil to my water bottle DAILY. These oils help with detoxification and support natural production of glutathione.

To know more about the health benefits of Lemon Essential Oil, click this link

If you have been looking for an all-natural support for your family's health and want to get rid of the toxins, let's talk! You can look at my website to get basic education on why doTERRA is the best partner for natural health. Click this link to learn more.

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