Our Homeschooling RV Life

One of the things I love about our RV life is that it fits really well with homeschooling!

We use a Charlotte Mason curriculum called A Gentle Feast, and we've been enjoying it so much. I like calling our homeschooling as roadschooling, as we are learning so many things while on the road! Here's a glimpse of some of the precious moments I'm having with my girls while roadschooling!

Lazy Sundays

Part of “school” for us is teaching our kids to see and create and appreciate Beauty! And creating art is a big part of that. Sadly, I am no artist. But the hubby is pretty amazing. So today “school” is happening on a lazy Sunday here as they spontaneously asked “Daddy, help us paint Aslan!!”

It’s a beautiful thing to watch!

Best Tea Parties

We might live in a 300 square foot house and often park it in the woods... but we do it with style!!!

Early morning sunrise tea parties + campfires are the best!

This princess woke up super early and wanted to build a fire and have a tea party.

“Can we mama?”

“Absolutely, let’s do it!”

Sweet time. Sweet memories.

Sure a vacation to Disney or Yellowstone is amazing. But making memories can happen everyday in your backyard. One of our favorite mommy dates is a tea party (whenever we happen to be parked!)

Just say yes mamas (and dads)! Chose joy. Make memories. You only have 18 Summers. How many do you have left? What will you do with them?

Non-stop Field Trips

Here's what I love about roadschooling - you can learn anything while on the road! Here we made an unplanned stop at this Volcano. Grabbed the Jr. Ranger Notebooks. And have now learned ALL about Volcanos! And they actually stood at the crater of an extinct Volcano. It’s majestic. You don’t get that from books!

Who else loves road-schooling and these impromptu nature studies on days like these?

Hope to see you on The Road Less Traveled soon....

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